Universal Fiber Optic Modem – Model 2340

With telephony and serial data plug-in Electrical Interface Modules, the 2340 Universal Fiber Optic Modem probably has your needs covered. Canoga Perkins designs flexibility into every product. The User Interfaces are no exception and supports a variety of applications and implementations. Supporting data rates up to 2.048 Mbps, they have the flexibility to interface with even the most difficult Crypto interfaces on the Black and Red sides, circuit extension from wireline and satellite modems and DSUs, and the difficult interfaces of Video Conference Systems. The 2340 has Canoga Perkins’ advanced management processor and SideBand Management Channel for comprehensive status, configuration and diagnosis of local and remote troubles. This allows not only quick identification, but even helps anticipate problems before they happen. The quicker a trouble is identified, the quicker it is resolved, increasing circuit availability and user satisfaction.
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