Universal Chassis System Overview

With the complexity of today's networks, the Universal Chassis System simplifies your world with a single Management and Form Factor System for Multiple Communications Transport Technologies.

UCS System Overview - Jun 2015600


With the complexity of today’s networks, the Universal Chassis System simplifies your world with a single Management and Form Factor System. You save time and money as your people only need training to operate, install and maintain on one system, not two or three. With the common equipment actually common to all products in the system, deployment is flexible, scalable and able to meet today’s and tomorrow’s requirements. Key elements of the UCS Architecture are Canoga Perkins’ SideBand Management Channel for out-of-band on-fiber management communications with the remote unit and the Domain Management Module for the UCS1000 and UCS1002 Chassis.

SideBand Management give you full management access and capabilities to the remote modem without intruding on user data. It is fully transparent to the user and connected communications systems. The Domain Management Module (DMM) allow 1 to 5 chassis accessed using a single IP address and LAN connection, preserving sometimes precious IP Address or LAN Switch Port resources.

The Universal Chassis System ties these various technologies into an architecture that has a common management look, feel and function, and a common form factor. UCS is an architecture, not just a management template.

All UCS rack mount products fit in the UCS’s baseline chassis, the UCS1000. Just as a single communications technology doesn’t fit all needs, UCS employs a number of chassis and enclosures to meet specific needs for density, location and number of Technology Modules. The 5 RU high UCS1000 Chassis is the backbone of the UCS architecture. For higher density needs, a higher density 2 RU high UCS1002 Chassis houses smaller, greater density 2 RU high technology modules (UCS1002 type modules). These UCS1002 type modules mounts in the UCS1000 Chassis with an adapter module that doubles the number of modules the UCS1000 Chassis support per slot while maintaining individual management control of each module. Standalone single slot managed and unmanaged enclosures are available for 5 RU UCS1000 type modules and the 2 RU 1002 type modules. For Redundant Modem and multi-circuit applications, the UCS1001, two slot rack mount/desk mount chassis is available (5 RU UCS1000 module type).

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