UCS1001 Chassis – Model 1001

The Universal Chassis System’s (UCS) variety of chassis and enclosures allow great flexibility in deployment and the assurance that the product at the Central Office/Site, POP Site and Remote locations have identical modules. This reduces maintenance burden, inventory overhead, simplifies training, and reduces the number of items operations and field staff must remember. All of this means lower costs and greater network availability. The UCS1001’s two slots house UCS1000 type (5 RU high) Technology Modules and feature AC, DC & Redundant Power. The chassis provides the intercommunication path needed by Canoga Perkins’ Fiber Optic Modems for Redundant Operation. Rack mount brackets have the flexibility of 19” and 23” rack mounting, and when removed, desktop and shelf placement. Resiliency and flexibility make the UCS1001 ideal for critical links and rack mounting requirements in Military, Enterprise and Service Provider installations.
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