Canoga Perkins

UCS1000 Chassis – Model 1000

The Universal Chassis System is a family of managed chassis and Fiber Optic Modem Technology Modules. The UCS1000 Chassis is the keystone to the system with the ability to house any of the UCS Technology Modules. The Chassis has dedicated slots for the Management and Chassis Interconnection Modules, the Domain Management Module, and Chassis Interconnect Module. Power Supplies, depending on the type, use dedicated slots (DC Power Supplies) or share slots (AC Power Supplies) with Technology Modules. The Chassis has 12 to 15 slots available for Data and Telephony Modem Technology Modules, depending on Power Supply Configuration.
  • Modular Carrier Class Chassis
  • Fault Tolerant and Redundant.
  • Output Alarm Contacts, Alarm Inputs
  • Redundant Modem Support
  • Houses All UCS Technology Modules.
  • AC and DC Power, Redundant and Non-Redundant Configurations
  • NEBS Level 3 Tested and Certified for Assured Performance and Safety

With the complexity of today’s networks, the Universal Chassis System a robust management and deployment structure for Fiber Optical Modems. A variety of Chassis and Enclosures allow you to deploy the platform meeting your needs.With a common Menu Based Management interface on all products, you save time and money as your people only need training to operate, install and maintain on one system, not two or three. All products are fully SMNP manager with a common MIB easily added to your Management System, places real-time status and operation at your fingertips.


With the common equipment actually common to all products in the system, deployment is flexible, scalable and able to meet today’s and tomorrow’s requirements. Canoga Perkins’ SideBand Management Channel® for on fiber, out-of-band management communications enables true circuit based management, allowing you to see end to end status and operation from a single management interface at one end of the circuit. No need for IP connectivity to the far end to see the far end device.

UCS1000 Chassis and Domain Management Module, and the Technology Modules combined enhances your network for lower operating costs, reduced downtimes and greater user satisfaction. Read further for additional information about the Architecture and benefits it brings to your business.

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