T3 Compact Modem – 2U Model 2346

A cost effective T-3 modem and deployment flexibility are the base features of the 2346 T-3 Fiber Optic Modem. Compact in size, the 2346 deploys at central sites in chassis or remote sites in single unit managed enclosures. Featuring Canoga Perkins’ SideBand Management Channel and an advanced management processor, accessing all configuration, status and diagnostic management functions of the remote 2346 is not disruptive to the user traffic. Aiding circuit installation and field maintenance forces, the 2346 in the 1020 Enclosure provides Ethernet and craft port local management access. Where greater management access security is needed, the 1030e Enclosure houses the 2346 without local management access ports.

Comprehensive management features maximize circuit availability and allow quicker identification and correction of faults when problems occur. The 2346 enables you to use your OPEX and CAPEX more effectively and meet the demands of your users.

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