Service Providers – Private Line and Core Access Services

Canoga Perkins focuses Private Line and Core Access products for terminating Telephony Centric Interfaces (T-1/E-1/T-3/E-3) for PSTN or Data Services. Our Fiber Optic Modems are in use by Service Providers of all type worldwide for Core Services Access like POTS, ATM and Internet Access, and for Private Line Services from 150 bps to 20 Mbps data applications.

The T-1/E-1 and T-3/E-3 Fiber Optic Modems extend the reach of SONET/SDH from node locations to customer locations where it is not practical or economical to deploy these expensive systems. These extensions are equally suitable for Core Service Access or as the local loop section of Private Line Services. Canoga Perkins’ SideBand Management Channel® provides full management of the customer located unit, including configuration, status, diagnostic, performance, and assess management functions without customer traffic disruption or interruption. For critical applications, redundant optics and modem configurations are available.

Advanced management features of the Modems reduce OPEX and protect revenue. New service turn-up is less time consuming and more successful, allowing billing to begin sooner. Continuous optical link BER testing and other diagnostic and performance features proactively notifies the NOC of degrading conditions and solves problems quick, reducing service interruptions. SideBand Management Channel™ provides full management of the remote module transparent to customer traffic.

Network Core Access and Private Line are services directly tied with Revenues. Protecting these services is well known and easy as many systems are available with the redundancy needed to insure service availability. Cost effectively keeping these services up and generating revenue is complicated with many fewer choices. The cost of providing the “local Loop” must be kept low to keep service charges competitive and not use an excessive amount of fiber and plant resources. Canoga Perkins’ products are NEBS Level 3, Earthquake Zone 4 Certified, and ensuring compliance with the strictest industry requirements. Advanced Management features of Canoga Perkins’ products mean faster new service turn-up, shorter outages, better repair dispatching, proactive trouble response, comprehensive diagnostics, asset management, and performance assurance. All of this contributes to greater service availability, higher customer satisfaction and lower customer turn-over. Greater revenues and lower costs enabled by Canoga Perkins’ products are essential for profitable services and your success.