Service providers

Service Providers

The fiber-based service providers have been a significant market segment for Canoga over the last decades and still significant today. As the TELCO’s separated the wire lines and wireless business units, the MNO’s were born, and the MNOs are also a very substantial part of the Canoga business. Canoga is involved in many of the largest 4G deployments as the backhaul piece. With the 5G transformation, Canoga is exceptionally well-positioned to capture a part of the Fronthaul and Anyhaul with the new TSN switching product it will introduce in 2021. 

Mining Networks

The future looks bright for mining. Many commodities are on the rise, and new creative finance instruments are emerging so as joint ventures and social development contracts like what O&G does with Local NOC’s (National oil companies) and indigenous communities. Mining is well-positioned against other industries in the quest for zero- emission.

Mining Hauler
Oil & Gas networks

Oil & Gas Networks

O&G companies transform operations with broadband mobility and IIoT to enable their next-level digital transformation, including; SCADA transformation to IIoT, augmented reality, private 4G/5G to deliver safer than Wi-Fi, mission-critical applications.

Smart Manufacturing

Warehouse and Factories companies globally transform their facilities to high-performance Wired or 5G facilities to enable their next level automatization, including drones, robotics, automated pick, place, loading, and pre-shipping stocking.

Smart manufacturing