Large Systems Integrator to use Canoga – To deliver mission-critical E-911 connectivity

A leading Global Integrator is working with Canoga’s Network
Interface Device and CanogaView™ Solution. The integrator plans to
use the technology for mission-critical E-911 applications, where
performance, low latency, and reliability are paramount.

Canoga’s Carrier Ethernet NIDs have over a decade of proven
reputation in the telco market. Canoga delivers profitable MEF or
Wavelength services, E-Line, E-LAN, and E-Access, by providing highly
efficient, low OPEX, revenue-generating features such as highly
adaptive PM and SAM monitoring, Service Activation and Zero Touch

Integrators have used CanogaView™ and Canoga’s NIDs in the
military, first-respondent, and industrial mission-critical applications.
In this instance, the Canoga solution will provide a highly reliable and
low latency private network for E-911 connectivity.

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