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Universal Fiber Optic Modem – Model 2240

The 2240 Universal Fiber Optic Modem supports a variety of serial data and telephony interfaces with speeds from 300 Bps to 2.048 Mbps. Special features of the modem make it compatible with crypto and video conferencing applications.

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High Speed Universal Fiber Optic Modem – Model 2370

The 2370 High Speed Universal Fiber Optic Modem houses hot swappable plug-in modules for the local Electrical Interface. Serial Data and Telephony modules are available for a variety of applications and situations. This modem supports asynchronous data rates to 15 Mbps, synchronous data rates to 20 Mbps, and modem redundancy.

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T3 Compact Modem – 2U Model 2346

The 2346 T-3 Modem is a cost effective T-3 modem with an advanced management processor. This smaller modem mounts in the 2 RU high UCS1002 chassis and supports the 1020 Managed Enclosure with Ethernet and Craft Port Management interfaces.

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