Quality And Service

Canoga Perkins is TL9000 Certified. The TL9000 certification assures you, the customer, that our products are produced to the highest possible telecoms industry standards. The Canoga quality system is audited internally by internal audit teams and annually by the TL registering body. ESD protection is an integral part of the manufacturing process and to ensure complete safety from ESD, the entire Manufacturing facility floor is designed to be static dissipative. Additional efforts include an internal customer advocate group (LCA) that works directly with specific customers to ensure we are meeting their needs, and a Quality group operating at the staff level to ensure that TL9000 and Canoga Perkins internal standards are followed. To ensure accurate monitoring for continued improvement, Canoga Perkins has put specific procedures into operation:

  • Trouble Failure Reports (TFRs)
  • Corrective Action Requests (CARs)
  • Preventative Action Requests (PARs)
  • Supplier Corrective Action Requests (SCARs)

We believe that these efforts directly relate to the continued superior quality of our products and services.