Canoga Perkins

10G Multiport Network Interface Device – Model 9145ELB

The 9145ELB is an Ethernet Network Interface Device (NID) with sixteen 1 Gbps User Ports for multiple services or customers, and two 10 Networks ports supporting 10G Ethernet. One of the Network Ports is configurable as either Network or User Interface. This enables multi-gigabit services with aggregation with one or more services up to 1 gigabit each. Comprehensive OAM, performance and service available monitoring provides you the tools to keep services up and collecting revenue. Easy to use CanogaView SEM and menu driven craft port interfaces speeds configuration and troubleshooting activities, reducing costs of service and increases availability. The 9145ELB’s expandable, flexible architecture allows addition of new features and applications without the need of hardware replacement. This protects your investment by providing for new industry standards and techniques with a simple software download. Supporting the all of the features and capabilities of the 9145E family and multiport capabilities of the 9145EMP, the 9145ELB is key to delivering, managing and maintaining profitable Metro Ethernet Services.
Canoga Perkins NID’s
  • Native Optical Ethernet and SONET Transport and Termination
  • Powerful Management and Security Features
  • Flexible User and Network Interfaces:
  • 10/100/1000 UTP User Interfaces
  • 100/1000 SFP User Interfaces
  • 10G SFP+ User and Network Interfaces
  • Advanced Diagnostic and Performance Measurements
  • Comprehensive VLAN, QOS, SLA and Traffic Filtering for User Traffic/Core Network Compatibility
  • Traffic Classification, Policing and Bandwidth Profiling
  • Performance Measuring and Availability Monitoring, Ensuring the Services the Customer Expects is Delivered
  • MEF 9 and 14 Support
  • Advanced LOAM and SOAM Support (EFM, CFM)
  • Standards based Network Interface Device terminating Network and User Interfaces and Facilities
  • Jumbo Packet Support
  • Redundant Modular Power Supplies – AC, 48VDC and 24VDC
  • UNI, NNI and ENNI Support
  • NEBS Level 3 Tested and Certified for assured performance and safety
9145ELB Application Overview

The 9145ELB 10GbE Multi-port NID is the Metro Ethernet Service delivery solution when handoff of multiple UNIs at a location is needed. Classical deployments are for multi-tenant locations like shopping malls, multi-carrier cell sites, and data centers. Each UNI is configurable for unique service options eliminating the need for multiple single UNI NIDs. The 9145ELB provides 16 1GbE UNIs on tri-speed 10/100/1000 UTP ports or dual speed 100/1000 Optical ports via SFPs. The ENNI to the service provider network is 2 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports capable of supporting LAG link protection. One of the 10G port is configurable for UNI operation. This allows a mix of sub Gigabit and multi Gigabit services on the same network access link. Optical ports are provided with SFPs. A wide variety of optical interfaces are available including multimode, single mode, single fiber BiDi, CWDM, DWDM and copper UTP. This provides full flexibility to meet the deployment situation at hand. The 9145ELB’s cable diagnostics (on UTP ports) assure connectivity to the customer’s equipment. The 9145ELB’s cable diagnostics reports on cable faults, impairments and length, giving your network operations people the tool to remotely determine cable health, if the customer has cabling problems and what they are. This maintains high service availability and prevents unnecessary truck rolls. Should the network link be oversubscribed, customer traffic on each port is classified into 1 to 4 priority queues resulting in up to 64 queues for the network link. Traffic is then queued onto the network link for transport on the Metro Ethernet Network. TDM traffic prioritization over Ethernet traffic means the latency, jitter and packet loss sensitive TDM traffic is delivered within specifications with performance degrading congestion impacting only the more tolerant Ethernet traffic. Customers wanting assurance that the service provider is delivering the service promised are signing Service Level Agreements (SLAs). These SLAs specify performance level of key network metrics including latency, jitter frame loss, and EVC availability. The 9145ELB supports Y.1731 PM and Canoga Perkins Enhanced Performance measuring and reporting. Performance Collection System, a CanogaView EMS application, manages test configurations, collection of Performance Measuring and Service Availability results, and results consolidation and reporting. This enables you to stay on top of your network situation to keep even the most demanding customer satisfied.
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