Model 1020 2U Managed Enclosure

The UCS’s variety of chassis and enclosures allow great flexibility in deployment and the assurance that the product at the Central Office/Central Site, POP Site, and Remote locations are identical modules. This reduces maintenance burden, inventory overhead, simplifies training, and reduces the number of items operations and field staff must remember. All of this means lower costs and greater network availability. The 1020 and 1030E Enclosures house a single UCS1002 type (2 RU high) Module (see the Related Products page for a list of compatible products). Management Security is enhanced with the 1030e Enclosure by limiting Management Access to the far end with Canoga Perkins’ SideBand Management Channel or by physically placing the module in a manageable chassis or enclosure. The 1020 Enclosure provides management access with an Ethernet Port and a Serial Terminal Port. The Serial Terminal Port supports VT-100, SLIP, PPP and Modem connections. These small enclosures easily sit on a shelf or desktop, or wall mounts to meet your needs.
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