100 Gigabit Network Interface Device – 9145E100G Cloudbuster

The Cloudbuster ™ is Canoga Perkins latest Metro Ethernet Network Interface Device. Support 100 Gigabit User and Network Interfaces at wireline speeds, the 9145E100G supports all the same features and functions of the 9145E and 1945E10G. As with the other NIDs in the 9145E Family, the Cloudbuster is specifically designed to enable services providers to deliver very high speed Ethernet Services, with full OAM, Provisioning and Performance Monitoring capabilities needed by today’s customers.

The Cloudbuster includes support for Protected Link Performance Management (PLPM) on the Multipurpose (MPP) Port . PLPM allows a fully protected local link to the customer, complete with non-stop Management and Performance Measuring/Availability Monitoring on both links as long as one of the links are up and active. With separate NIDs on each link, service availability is greatly increase by eliminating the traditional Single-Point-of-Failure.

With the features and function needed for deployment at UNI, NNI and other strategic points within the network the 9145E100G Cloudbuster is the key to delivering, managing and maintaining profitable Metro Ethernet Services and provide test points within a Metro Ethernet Network.

  • Native Ethernet over Fiber Transport and Termination
  • Powerful Management and Security Features
  • User Interface – CXP Multimode 100Gbps Optical
  • Network Interface – CFP Single Mode 100Gbps Optical, Short and Long Reach Available
  • Redundant Modular Power Supplies and Fans, front mounted/accessable
  • Advanced Diagnostic and Performance Measurements
  • Comprehensive VLAN, QOS, SLA and Traffic Filtering for User Traffic/Core Network Compatibility
  • MEF 9 Support
  • Advanced CFM and OAM Support
  • Standards based Network Interface Device terminating Network and User Interfaces and Facilities
  • Jumbo Packet Support
  • UNI and NNI/ENNI Support

Product Literature

Model 9145E100G Data Sheet
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