10 Gigabit Network Interface Device – Model 9161

When you have an outage on 10 Gigabit Ethernet Services, it is a significant event. Canoga Perkins’ 9161 10 Gigabit Ethernet Network Interface Device gives you the link extension and surveillance needed to deliver reliable 10 Gigabit Services. Designed specifically as a 10 Gigabit Ethernet Repeater and Demarcation Device, the 9161 is key to successful service deployment.

More than an optical repeater, the 9161 is a full Ethernet device with packet level regeneration and In-band SNMPv3 Management support, Active Performance Measuring and Service Availability Monitoring for SLA and Network Performance Objectives compliance. With XFP plug-in optics supports SR, LE and ER optics for distances from 300m 80km, you have the flexibility to configure the 9161 to meet specific circuit and customer needs.

Core Switch to Switch, customer link origination and termination and mid-span repeater applications are some of the deployments possible.

  • Native Ethernet over Fiber Transport and Termination
  • Powerful Management and Security Features
  • XFP Network and User Interfaces
  • Long Reach 10 Gigabit Ethernet Extension, 10km, 40km and 80km
  • Performance Measuring and Service Availability Monitoring to support SLA and Network Objectives Compliance
  • AC and DC Redundant Power Supplies
  • Jumbo Packet Support
  • NEBS Level 3 Tested and Certified for assured performance and safety

9161 Application Overview

The 9161 10 Gigabit Ethernet Network Interface Device extends and terminate 10 Gigabit Ethernet links at Central Office, POP Sites, Customer premises and intermediate locations. Its two interfaces use XFP Plug-in Optical interfaces. 10000BaseSR (300m), 10000BaseLR (10k), 10000BaseER (40km) and 10000BaseXR (80km) optics are available to meet the application needs. With Long Reach Optics in the Local and Extension Ports, the 9161 functions as a repeater, extending circuit distances. Deployment of Multi-tenant Gigabit Ethernet Services is easily supported when the 9161 terminates 10 Gigabit Ethernet links from a Canoga Perkins’ 9160 10G Metro Ethernet Access Device.

For terminating Metro Ethernet services at the customer premises, the 9161 employs features for EVC configuration and management. It also has Performance Measuring and Service Availability software option for active measurement of critical network performance parameters from Demarc to Demarc and EVC connectivity. This gives authoritative results for SLA and network performance objective compliance.

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Key Features



Number Of User and Network Ports 2 10 2
Number Of Multi-Purpose Ports 1
Dual UTP/SFP Ports (10/100/1G) 8 1 (MPP)
10G XFP Ports 2 2 2
1000Base SX Local Interface YES YES YES
1000Base LX Local Interface YES YES YES
1000Base FX Local Interface YES YES YES
Rackmount YES YES YES
Standalone YES YES YES
COS Prioritization and Traffic Shaping YES YES
SLA Performance Testing YES YES
Y.1731/2544 Performance Testing YES YES
Traffic Filtering YES YES YES
Out-of Band SNMP - UTP Port YES YES
Redundant Power YES YES YES
IP Routing YES
Ring Operation YES
Remote Optics 10Gbps 100Mbps

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Product Literature

Model 9161 Data Sheet
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