10 Gigabit Network Interface Device – Model 9145E10G

The 9145E10G is a 10Gigabit Ethernet Network Interface Device for terminating high speed Metro Ethernet Services. The 9145E10G supports all the features and functions of the 9145E and with full CFM, OAM, Performance Measuring, Service Availability Monitoring (Y.1731 and Canoga Perkins Enhanced) features and functions as the 9145E.

The 9145E10G’s expandable, flexible architecture allows addition of new features and applications without the need of hardware replacement. This protects your investment by providing for new industry standards and techniques with a simple software download.

With the features and function needed for deployment at UNI, NNI and other strategic points within the network the 9145E10G is key to delivering, managing and maintaining profitable Metro Ethernet Services and provide test points within a Metro Ethernet Network.

  • Native Ethernet over Fiber Transport and Termination
  • Powerful Management and Security Features
  • Flexible User, Network and MPP Interfaces with Dual Tri-speed UTP – SFP Ports
  • Advanced Diagnostic and Performance Measurements
  • Comprehensive VLAN, QOS, SLA and Traffic Filtering for User Traffic/Core Network Compatibility
  • MEF 9 Support
  • Advanced CFM and OAM Support
  • Standards based Network Interface Device terminating Network and User Interfaces and Facilities
  • Jumbo Packet Support
  • Single and Redundant Power Supplies, AC & 48VDC and 24VDC Versions
  • UNI and NNI/ENNI Support
  • NEBS Level 3 Tested and Certified for assured performance and safety

9145E10G Application Overview

The 9145E10G extends 10 Gbps Metro Ethernet Services from service core to the customer premises using Fiber Optic local loops on a manageable Metro Ethernet Services, Network Interface Device (Demarcation Device). For successful and profitable service deployment and high customer satisfaction in today’s demanding business environment, diagnostic, network performance and subscriber network/core network interoperability and compatibility are a necessity. The 9145E10G provides all these services and more, in a compact NID.

In-band SNMP or the Ethernet Management Port gives network operations and field personnel full access to the 9145E10G’s advanced diagnostics, traffic statistics, Performance Measuring, Service Available Monitoring, packet filtering, advanced VLAN tagging, CFM, EFM and management functions required by today’s Metro Ethernet Services and necessary for compatibility and interoperability with other network elements. With this wealth of capabilities and tools, service effecting problems are easily identified and corrected. Network, User, and Multi-Purpose Port interfaces on the 9145E are dual-function UTP/SFP for deployment flexibility. A variety of optical interfaces are available including Single Fiber and CWDM.

Canoga Perkins’ Performance Measuring (PM) and Service Availability Monitoring (SAM) software for the 9145E10G is configurable to meet your objectives in support of Service Level Agreement fulfillment or network health monitoring. PM and SAM operates between subscriber NIDs, or from the subscriber to the NNI handoff to off-net service providers. The Performance Monitoring System application for CanogaView Smart Element Manager provides provisioning, reporting and NBI functions.

In-band SNMP, Telnet and VT-100 management access is used exclusively or concurrently, matching the Service Providers operations requirements and preferences. This allows best matching of technique for surveillance, routine diagnostics or special testing for Metro Ethernet Services. The Telnet and VT-100 Menu Driven User Interface makes all management functions of the 9145E10G intuitive and easy to master. This greatly aids in provisioning, status monitoring, and diagnosing problems. It decreases the time and manpower to install services and diagnose and correct problems, getting the service generating revenue sooner, maintaining high availability for the service, and increasing customer retention and satisfaction.

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Key Features


Number of User Ports 1 9 or 16
Number of Network Ports 1 2
Number of Multi-Purpose Ports 1
Dual UTP/SFP Ports 1
MPP Port
10G XFP Ports 2
10G SFP+ Port 2
10/100/1000 UTP User Ports * 0/8/16
100/1000 SFP User Ports * 0/8/16
10G User Ports * 0/1
Rackmount Yes Yes
Standalone Yes Yes
COS Prioritization and Traffic Shaping Yes Yes
SLA Performance Testing Yes Yes
Y.1731/2544 Performance Testing Yes Yes
VLAN/QOS Functions Yes Yes
Traffic Filtering Yes Yes
In-Band SNMP Yes Yes
Out-of-Band SNMP - UTP Port Yes
SFP Optics Yes Yes
Redundant Power Yes Yes
Remote Optics 10Gbps 10Gbps

(*) The 9145ELB is available with 16 UTP, 8 UTP +8 SFP and 16 SFP User Port configurations. One of the 2 10G Ports is configurable for Network or User Port operation.

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