10/100BaseT Ethernet Service Unit- Model L351

Reliable and consistent delivery of critical 10 Mbps and 100 Mbps Ethernet Services is the cornerstone of the L351 Ethernet Service Unit's success with Service Providers. In today's demanding and competitive market, any outage is one too many. Secure management access, advanced diagnostics and traffic statistic reporting allow Service Providers to anticipate and quickly react to service impairments in the local loop.

Using Canoga Perkins' SideBand® Management Channel, Network Control can fully monitor and manage the remote ESU or NID without impacting customer traffic or reducing bandwidth to the customer. This provides transparent and non-impairing management access, essential for providing high grade services. The management structure is aligned with the Metro Ethernet Forum's EFM recommendations.

  • Native Ethernet over Fiber Transport and Termination
  • Powerful Management and Security Features
  • Advanced Diagnostic and Performance Measurements Autosense 10/100 UTP Local Interface, a Variety of Multimode and Single Mode Extension Interfaces. Wide Selection of Mutlimode and Single Mode Extensions Interfaces
  • Advanced Diagnostic and Performance Measurements
  • Link Loss and Remote Fault Alarming
  • Rack Mount and Standalone Enclosure Options for Central Office, POP Site and Customer Premises Locations
  • Jumbo Packet Support
  • NEBS Level 3 Tested and Certified for Assured Performance and Safety

L351 Application Overview

Managing the local loop in Ethernet Services is crucial for overall services delivery and installation. Though there are many management tools available for the core, the local loop where service-effecting problems are most likely to occur, often lacks comprehensive diagnostic and configuration tools for identifying network vs. customer problems. Canoga Perkins’ line of fully managed Ethernet Service Units corrects this situation and provides a common solution for the central office/POP Site and the demarcation point at the customer premises.

The L351 Ethernet Service Unit’s (ESU) comprehensive configuration, status, traffic monitoring and diagnostic functions give you the control of the local loop needed to ensure reliable network access. The L351 ESU support Canoga Perkins’ Advanced SideBand Management Channel, placing management traffic to the Remote L351 ESU outside of the customer’s bandwidth, making management traffic transparent to customer traffic. The Advanced SideBand Management allows the L351 to communicate with remote L351s or 9145 Network Interface Devices (NID). The L351 ESU and 9145 NID give Service Providers a best of breed choice of demarcation devices to meet network interface and technical operations needs.

Terminating 10 Mbps Ethernet and 100Mbps Fast Ethernet Services with a managed demarcation device, the L351 ESU is an excellent choice. For more complex traffic interface requirements, like VLAN tagging or translation, PVST+BPDU filtering, network performance testing and RMON support, the 9145 NID provides the interfacing and network protection functions needed by many of today’s advanced core networks.

LAN Extension Services (Ethernet Private Lines) are often unmanageable due to the lack of presence of a service provider’s Ethernet switch on the data path. SideBand Management allows full management of the customer premises located ESU or NID without a switch at the central office or reducing customer’s bandwidth. With Transparent LAN Services (Shared Backbone Networks), the L351 enhances management security since customer traffic and management traffic do not share the same data path.

Meeting the demands of customers for high service availability is achievable with the L351 Ethernet Service unit on the local loop. Proactive management allows Tech Support personnel to respond to situations quickly, minimizing or eliminating outages and keeping the customer satisfaction high.

Alternative Products - L351

Central Office / POP Site Alternatives
Key Features



Dual Speed 10/100 Mbps User Port YES
Tri-Speed 10/100/1000 User Port YES
Fixed 10Mbps UTP User Port
Fixed 100Mbps UTP User Port YES
Remote Optics 100Mbps 1Gbps 100Mbps
Local SNMP/Management Interface YES YES YES
SideBand Management Of Remote Unit YES YES
1020 Managed Enclosure Compatible YES YES

Customer Premises Alternatives
Key Features





Dual Speed 10/100 Mbps User Port YES YES
Tri-Speed 10/100/1000 UTP User Port YES YES YES
Dual Function UTP/SFP Ports YES YES
1000BaseSX and 1000BaseLX User Port YES YES YES YES
Number Of Ports 1 User
1 Network
1 User
1 Network
1 User
2 Network
4 User
2 Network
6 User
2 Network
Rack Mount YES YES
Standalone YES YES YES YES
Tri-Speed 10/100/1000 UTP Network Port YES YES
Dual Function UTP/SFP Network Port YES YES
Tri-Speed 10/100/1000Mbps UTP Multi-Purpose Port YES
Dual Function UTP/SFP Multi-Purpose Port Port YES
SLA Permformance Testing YES YES
Traffic Filtering YES YES YES
Out-of-Band SNMP YES (1) YES (1) YES (2) YES (2) YES (3)
SideBand® Management Channel Support YES YES
Local Management Access (Standalone) YES YES YES YES YES
Remote Optics 1Gbps 1Gbps 100Mbps
Redundant Power YES
Hardened (GR-3108) YES YES
(1) Ethernet Management Port on 1020 Enclosure or DMM in UCS1000/1002 Chassis
(2) Dedicated Ehternet Management Port
(3) Uses a User Port for Out-of-Band Management

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