CWDM Products

Canoga Perkins CWDM Multiplexing System is a flexible modular platform of 4 to 9 Channel Terminating Multiplexers, Optical Add/Drop Multiplexers, Protocol Transparent, Speed Agile Transponders and Technology Specific devices with CWDM optics like T-3 Modems and Ethernet Service Units.

The CWDM Multiplexing System allows you to deploy system modules when and where you need them. Multiplexing Modules can be co-located or remotely located from Transponders and other CWDM Optics equipped devices. This simplifies the network by decreasing the number of active and passive components in the system thereby increasing service availability, decreasing and simplifying trouble isolation and increasing overall customer/user satisfaction

This managed System gives operations and maintenance personnel the tools they need for rapid deployment, comprehensive status, and quick problem diagnoses. It is a cost effective means of multiplying the revenue from existing fiber facilities.