CanogaView Smart Element Manager

Network management is a daunting task for your Tech Support staff. With networks consisting of a myriad of differing equipment types and multiple manufacturers, Network Management Systems tries to tie everything together. The value of these expensive systems come into question when the techs use them as nothing more than alarm reporters because they are; slow, cumbersome, does not cover all device functions, does not support all network devices.

For "real work", techs often revert to the device's Command Line Interface (CLI). While this addresses Tech's immediate needs, it increases level of training needed. For the less used systems, or for uncommon problems, the techs need to look up information in manuals and tech guides, delaying service restoral. CanogaView Smart Element Manager is an easy to use, intuitive graphical interface to UCS Management. CanogaView SEM turns the novice and occasional user into Canoga Experts. CanogaView SEM increasing technician confidence, decreases circuit configuration time and mistakes, reduces the time it takes to identify and correct problems, and increases circuit availability. CanogaView SEM presents a Graphical and Table representation of UCS Elements (Devices & Chassis) including all products for the UCS1000 and UCS1002 chassis, 1020 and 1040 enclosures, and the 9145 Network Interface Device.

Currently under integration are the 9151 and 9161 Network Interface Devices and the 9155 and 9160 Metro Ethernet Access Devices (spring 2006 release). Flexibility and reliability is key feature of all Canoga Perkins products, CanogaView SEM is no exception. It features Open Architecture XML based core with Web Browser User Interface, multi-platform compatibility, Standalone and Multi-user Server configurations. Deployment possibilities are practically endless, fitting your needs for multiple control centers including hierarchical, overlapping, functional, circuit type, customer specific and other control subsets possible. CanogaView SEM eases the workload burden of your technical forces allowing them to appear more professional and competent to your customers, reduces OPEX, increases service availability and customer satisfaction.

CanogaView SEM Screen Shots

CanogaView User Screen Sample
Domain View:
The Domain View shows all chassis in a UCS Domain. Status Summery is displayed for chassis. All chassis based modules and power supplies in the Domain are represented in this view. A Domain consists of UCS1000 and/or UCS1002 Chassis. Clicking on a Chassis takes you to its Chassis View.
Chassis View:
The Chassis View shows a specific chassis in the UCS Domain. Module representations are real time, reflecting Plug-in Models and LED Status. Clicking on a Module takes you to its Circuit View (SideBand Managed enabled circuits) or Device View (non-SideBand ).
Circuit / Device View:
SideBand Management Channel provides a Circuit View showing devices at both ends of the Link and the link Status. Redundant Modem operation, all four Modems and the two Optical links are displayed,including which Link/Modem Pair are primary. Modules not supporting SideBand Management, or when SideBand Management is deactivated, only the Module is displayed.

Pull-down Menus give access to detailed Administrative, Status, Configuration, Diagnostic and Control information.

Module Detail View:
Detailed Module information is displayed on tabbed table oriented pages. Administrative (circuit/module name, location, contact info…), Inventory (detailed model number of base modules and plug-ins, serial numbers, firmware & hardware versions, optics…), Status (module & Link), Configuration and Operation and Diagnostic functions are accessible and controlled from these pages.
  • Graphical Presentation of UCS Products
  • Open System XML
  • Web Browser User Interface
  • Multi-platform Support
    • MS Windows 2000 & XP
    • Sun Solaris
  • Single User Standalone and Multi-User Server
  • Networks of 250,000 Devices Supported

CanogaView Deployment Examples

Canoga Perkins UCS Network Elements are manageable using multiple techniques (SNMP, Craft Terminal, and Telnet) and multiple SNMP Managers. A typical network would have a Primary CanogaView SEM Server and one or more Back-up or Secondary Servers. Clients (users) access the CanogaView SEM Server using standard Web Browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox). Field Techs/Engineers get access to CanogaView either as a Client off one of the Servers, or from a Standalone Single User Version of CanogaView SEM running on their notebook computer. Network Control and the Field Techs share and see the same information. With Field Techs looking at a photo like graphical presentation of the equipment they are working on, greatly reducing mistakes.

The example below show how multiple instances of CanogaView SEM overlap to manage subsets of the overall network. National Trouble Center has access to the entire network while the Regional centers access only those network elements within their regions. CanogaView SEM for special purposes, such as the Performance Collection System application for CanogaView SEM or for asset reporting to higher management systems, are transparent to other instances of CanogaView SEM in the network. This flexibility allows you to deploy CanogaView SEM where and how you need it to support YOUR operations. For more information on CanogaView Smart Element Manager and its capabilities, please contact your Canoga Perkins Sale Representative.

All UCS Chassis and Enclosures

63 92 615 638 641 644 647 671
CanogaView Smart Element Manager
UCS1000 Chassis - Model 1000
The UCS1000 Chassis is a fully managed rack mount 5 RU chassis with 15 slots available for technology modules.
CanogaView Smart Element Manager
UCS1001 Chassis - Model 1001
The UCS1001 Chassis supports 2 UCS1000 type slots and feature Redundant and Non-Redundant AC, DC and AC/DC power configurations.
CanogaView Smart Element Manager
UCS1002 Chassis - Model 1002
The UCS1002 Chassis is a fully managed rack mount 2 RU chassis featuring 14 slots for Technology Modules (Ethernet/Modem). Power options for the Chassis includes AC, DC and Redundancy. L3xx Ethernet and 2x46 Modem modules fit in the UCS1002 Chassis.
CanogaView Smart Element Manager
1020 Managed Enclosure - Model 1020
The 1020 Managed Enclosure houses a single UCS1002 type (2 RU) Technology Module (Ethernet/Modem) and features a RS-232 Craft Port and a 10/100 UTP Ethernet Management Port. The Management Ports allow field forces full access to module management functions.
CanogaView Smart Element Manager
1030E Enclosure - Model 1030E
The 1030e Enclosure houses a single UCS1002 type (2 RU) UCS Module. Security is enhanced by denying customer any possible access to module management functions.
CanogaView Smart Element Manager
1040 Managed Enclosure - Model 1040
The 1040 Managed Enclosure houses a single UCS1000 type (5 RU) Technology Module (Ethernet/CWDM/Modem) and features a RS-232 Craft Port and a 10/100 UTP Ethernet Management Port. The Management Ports allow field forces full access to module management functions.
CanogaView Smart Element Manager
1050 Enclosure - Model 1050
The 1050 Enclosure houses a single UCS1000 type (5 RU) UCS Module.
CanogaView Smart Element Manager
CanogaView Smart Element Manager
CanogaView Smart Element Manager is a network element manager for Universal Chassis System products. With a Web Based User Interface, CanogaView SEM provides a graphical interface to the UCS Management Architecture supporting all the UCS Products.

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