CanogaView EMS – Element Management System

Network management is a daunting task for your Tech Support staff. With networks consisting of a myriad of differing equipment types and multiple manufacturers, Network Management Systems tries to tie everything together. The value of these expensive systems come into question when the techs use them as nothing more than alarm reporters because they are; slow, cumbersome, does not cover all device functions and does not support all network devices.

For "real work", techs often revert to the device's Command Line Interface (CLI). While this addresses Tech's immediate needs, it increases level of training needed and demands a greater skill level of the technician. For the less frequently used systems, or for uncommon problems, the techs need to look up information in manuals and tech guides, delaying service restoral. CanogaView EMS is an easy to use, intuitive graphical interface operation and management of Canoga Perkins NIDs. CanogaView EMS turns the novice and occasional user into Canoga Experts. CanogaView EMS increases technician confidence, decreases circuit configuration time and mistakes, reduces the time it takes to identify and correct problems, thereby increasing circuit availability. CanogaView EMS presents a Graphical and Tabular representation of NID Network Elements.

Flexibility and reliability is key feature of all Canoga Perkins products, CanogaView EMS is no exception. It features Open Architecture XML based core with Web Browser User Interface and multi-platform compatibility. CanogaView EMS Core and CanogaView Applications can run on dedicated servers or on Virtual Machines sharing expensive server hardware with other applications. Deployment possibilities are practically endless, fitting your needs for multiple control centers including hierarchical, overlapping, functional, circuit type, customer specific and other control subsets possible. CanogaView EMS eases the workload burden of your technical forces allowing them to appear more professional and competent to your customers, reduces OPEX, increases service availability and customer satisfaction.

CanogaView EMS Screen Highlights

Real Time Graphical Displays of Equipment:
Real Time Graphical Display of NID
CanogaView EMS presents a real-time operational representation of the NID along with key inventory information. Being able to see what the customer and field technicians see greatly aids the NOC in solving issues.
Alarm Monitor:
CanogaView EMS’s Alarm Monitor shows all active alarms and rapid access to Alarm History with powerful filtering capabilities. Detailed information on an alarm is only a click away, aiding the NOC Tech in identifying sources and cause of the alarm and timely correction of the cause.
  • Web Browser Based Management Applications Featuring Point and Click Operation
  • Dynamic Graphical Displays of the Physical Equipment
  • Fault Monitoring Features for Status, LEDs, Alarms and SNMP Traps, and Local and Remote Diagnostics
  • Configuration Management, Software Library, Configuration Library, FTP, Inventory Report Features, Performance Reporting
  • Device Discovery, Network Element Configuration back-up and Downloading
  • Network Element Template Creation and Management
  • Powerful Reports Application included
  • Comprehensive alarm monitoring - displays both active and historical alarms.
  • Account Management Utilities allow an Unlimited Number of User Accounts with Three Levels of Operation Privileges for Restricted Access Control, Configurable Security Settings
  • Support for Microsoft Windows Server and Sun Solaris
  • Modular Design

Canoga Perkins NID Network Elements are manageable using multiple techniques (SNMP, Craft Terminal, and Telnet) and multiple SNMP Managers. A typical network would have a Primary CanogaView EMS Server and one or more Back-up or Secondary Servers. Clients (users) access the CanogaView EMS Server using standard Web Browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox). Field Techs/Engineers get access to CanogaView either as a Client access the server. Network Control and the Field Techs share and see the same information. Field Techs looking at a photo like graphical presentation of the equipment they are working on greatly reduces mistakes.

The example above show how multiple instances of CanogaView EMS overlap to manage subsets of the overall network. National Trouble Center has access to the entire network while the Regional centers access only those network elements within their regions. CanogaView EMS for special purposes, such as the Performance Collection System application for CanogaView EMS or for asset reporting to higher management systems, are transparent to other instances of CanogaView EMS in the network. This flexibility allows you to deploy CanogaView EMS where and how you need it to support YOUR operations. For more information on CanogaView Smart Element Manager and its capabilities, please contact your Canoga Perkins Sale Representative.

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