2.5G Universal Transponder – Model 6703

Flexibility is key for Canoga Perkins' Transponders and the 6703 is no exception. Supporting SFP pluggable optics in both Local and Remote ports and data rates from 100 Mbps to 2.5 Gbps, configurations possibilities include standard repeater, CWDM Transponder, CWDM Repeater, and Wavelength Shifting Repeater. Automatic Multi-Rate Clock Recovery ensures high performance of even the longest links. SpeedCop®,Canoga Perkins' revolutionary data rate monitoring function, provides for contract enforcement and proactive problem detection. Additional problem detection and resolution aids include receive optical level reporting and loopback diagnostics. SNMP management provides Network Control the access to configuration and diagnostic tools needed to maintain the service reliability today's customers expect. When used with 6004 and 6008 CWDM Multiplexers, 4 to 9 channel CWDM Systems support a variety of applications that gives you the ability to meet your customer's needs.

  • Protocol Transparent - Any Protocol, SONET / SDH, ESCON / FICON / Fibre Channel / Digital TV / Ethernet / Others . . .
  • Rate Agile at Any Data Rate from 100Mbps to 1.25Gbp
  • SpeedCop® Bandwidth Monitor
  • Fully SNMP Managed
  • Configurable Loss of Receive Actions
  • Local and Remote Loopback Functions
  • Rack Mount and Standalone Enclosure Options for Central Office, POP Site and Customer Premises Locations
  • NEBS Level 3 Tested and Certified for Assured Performance and Safety

HS8000 Application Overview

The 6703 Transponder is a general purpose protocol independent, data rate agile CWDM Transponder. The principle application is to convert standard 850nm or 1310nm optical signals to long reach CWDM wavelengths. Supporting Small Form factor Pluggable (SFP) optics on both the Local and Remote ports, it also functions as a mid-span repeater.

Data rates from 100Mbps to 2.5 Gbps support any application within the data range. Multi-Rate Clock Recovery and Retiming feature automatically senses the data rate and is configurable for uni-directional or bi-directional operation. It senses up to 10 different data rates including 4 user defined rates. User Defined data rates are specified to the nearest 1 Mbps (i.e.: 596 Mbps. The remaining 6 data rates are selected individually from a large list of standard SONET/SDH, SAN, LAN and Digital Video data rates.

Included with Clock Recovery is Canoga Perkins SpeedCop ® Bandwidth Monitoring feature. SpeedCop monitors the data rate of the optical signal and issues an alarm should the data rate exceed a user defined rate. SpeedCop is used for contract enforcement, premium service billing (billing based on data rate) and for proactive fault detection.Full SNMP management lets your Tech Control staff access status, configuration, and diagnostic functions of the 6703. This same access allows your field staff to access all modules in a CWDM system from a single access port, greatly easing their job.

The 6703's flexibility and management functions allow one transponder model to support all your circuit types. Fewer module types to purchase and stock, reduced training requirements, quicker problem identification and resolution lowers both acquisition and operations costs. Ease of installation and operation means quicker response to your customers and users thus increasing satisfaction.

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